Facility Use

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(Last Update: 4/6/18)

The recreational fields and facilities of the town of Mendon are open to the public for general use.

Anyone wishing to reserve a particular location must apply for a permit through the Parks Department.  Once issued a permit these groups will have priority access to that location. 

Any organized group, team, or event, looking to use the fields must apply for a Field Use Permit through the Parks Dept.  



General Use:
Friends or Family use of playground, courts, fields batting cages, picnics, etc.
Birthday Party at Pavilion or Park
(No Fee, Permit recommended to reserve location)
Any Use for more than 6 hours
Any Organized Teams, Leagues or Events
(including Non-Profits)
Any Scheduled and/or Advertised Events
ALL Commercial/For-Profit Use
(ex: Camps, Lessons, Programs, etc)
ALL USE of the following facilities:
Mendon Town Beach, Founders Park, Concession Stands, Utilities

All Facility Use Permits must be approved by the Parks Commission and will take a minimum of 2 weeks to issue. 

Please plan accordingly


NEW!! - Online Facility Use Reservations* - CLICK HERE

*League Users - If you are requesting large blocks of time (more and a week or 2) please use the paper registration form to submit your request.  You can email this form to parkcomm@mendonma.gov or drop it off at Town Hall. 




Fields and Facilities: (follow links for pictures)

Memorial Park (25 Millville St. / 45 Taft Ave)


Byrne Basketball Court (with lights)

Tennis Courts (with lights)

Grady T-Ball Field

Pezzella Little League Field

Lowell Softball Field

Wagner T-Ball Field

Veterans Park (29 Millville St.)

Tetreault Babe Ruth Baseball Field

Grant Little League Field

Grover Soccer Field (8 Colonial Dr.) (full size soccer field)

Clough School Field (10 North Ave.) (U10 sized multi-use field)

Founder's Park (Rt-16/North Ave Intersection) (Historical Town Common)


Other Private Town Fields and Facilities: (not affiliated with Mendon Parks)

Mendon Upton Regional Schools (Clough Building and Miscoe Hill - CLICK HERE

NEFC Turf Fields located at 33 Cape Rd. - CLICK HERE

Hood Field (Behind Hood Plaza on Rt 16 in Mendon - Please email the Parks Dept and we will send you the contact info for Imperial Cars Property Managment CLICK HERE

Classifications and Rates:

Priority use will be given according to the Groups listed below:

Seasonal Applications should be submitted by the following deadlines:

Spring – Jan 15th, Summer – April 15th, Fall – June 15th
and will be considered based on their groups and the date received.

Group 1
Non-Profit groups with Mendon Resident affiliation
  • Non-Profit groups comprised of at least 75% Mendon or Upton Residents.
  • Mendon Upton Regional School District Use
  • Town of Mendon Municipal Use
Group 3
For-Profit groups with Mendon Resident affiliation
  • For-Profit groups comprised of at least 75% Mendon or Upton Residents.
  • This group includes all businesses, camps, clinics, enrichment programs, and all others utilizing the field for personal or commercial benefit.
Group 2
All Other Non-Profit groups
  • Any other Non-Profit groups or organizations with 501 (c) (3) designations.
  • Blackstone Valley Tech Use
Group 4
All Other For-Profit groups
  • This group includes all other businesses, camps, clinics, enrichment programs, and all others utilizing the field for personal or commercial benefit.
General Use of Fields and Facilities:
(Memorial Park, Veteran’s Park, Grover Field, Clough Field, Founder’s Park)
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
per hour per field
per hour per field
per hour per field
per hour per field
$25 Minimum
$50 Minimum
$75 Minimum
$100 Minimum
Hourly rates will be determined and billed based on
the requested times.
Any changes must be submitted in writing
at least 1 week prior to the event start and BEFORE payment. 
All Use Fees, once paid, are FINAL and there are NO REFUNDS!
Other Uses
(Town Beach, Special Requests)
Fee to be determined by the Parks Dept.
Capital Improvements Waiver:
Group 1 users are eligible for credit towards the Facility Use Fee in exchange for mutually agreed upon capital improvements to Parks Facilities. 
Credit will be given at a rate of 50¢ off the Facility Use Fee for every $1 invested in town fields/facilities by the requesting organization.

All work must be pre-approved by the Parks Commission when this permit is issued. 

*Use fees may be waived or adjusted at the discretion of the Parks Dept. 
You will receive a confirmation letter and bill for your assessed fee
when your application is approved.
All Field Use fees are due at least 1 week prior to your first reserved date to ensure your reservation is held.